Artist-In-Residence at KHMessen in Ålvik, Norway from February 1st to March 1st 2019.

Spent my time at KHMessen developing my ongoing research project into improvisation and its role in the formation and actuation of the social sphere. Having never had a studio before, I found myself making/arranging physical things in space for the first time.

The resulting research-practice drew heavily on Tim Ingold's anthropological work on lines and blobs (The Life of Lines and Being Alive) and Kathleen Stewart's vision of the ordinary/the everyday as "a shifting assemblage of practices”, formed of “relations, scenes, contingencies, emergences…things that happen" (Stewart, Ordinary Affects). Improvisation took a backseat as I focused on other component parts/processes of the everyday.

The final installation (tentatively titled subterranean rivers) developed upon my previous investigations into interweavving and interpenetration, but through more material, sculptural means. I attempted to adopt a synesthetic approach to the materials and objects used, running them into one another, connected by (and consisting of) lines.

More thoughts to follow.

subterranean rivers (2019)

Mixed-medium installation and performance.

(dog leads, keyhole, mirror, cotton thread, cotton, metal pole, nails, charcoal, graphite, milk, book, fishing twine)