An ongoing research-practice project exploring improvisation as a social process, as understood through performance art methodology and practice.

The project is concerned with improvisation's status as a key, constitutive process in the formation and actuation of everyday life and develops upon existing multidisciplinary investigations of improvisation and the social sphere by practitioners including David Toop and Danielle Goldman. The project seeks to provide an analysis of social improvisation orientated around, and understood through, performance art methodology and practice.

Practical outcomes from this research process include:

- a performance, 'E score#4/W score#6', at LEGROOM's Let Go in Manchester, December 2017.

- an ongoing anthology of performance scores, 'scores'.

- a performance,'momentschicht', with Britta Lieberknecht at Beton Box in Dusseldorf in September 2018.

'E score#4/W score#6' (2017)

Performed at LEGROOM's Let Go in Manchester, December 2017.

'E score#4' (2017) - I enacted a score written for the LEGROOM space in July 2017.

'W score#6' (2017-18) - I wrote a score for my actions during the period of time between 21:06:47pm and 21:07:47pm on December 15th 2018, to be enacted within the LEGROOM space, a year after writing.

I then buried the score outside the performance space, under a paving stone.

In a year, I plan to return to the space, dig up the score and enact it in the chosen location, at the chosen time.

Image by Juliet Davis.

'scores' (2017-ongoing)

An ongoing project which consists of the writing and enacting of scores for my actions in pieces of futuretime in everyday life.

I choose a date, a time and a location at some point in the future and then decide what my actions will be at that moment, preconstructing typically improvised social behaviors.

Often I will have to wait up to a year before enacting the score, by which time the world will, through improvisation, have moved forward while I remain the same.

An exploration of removing improvisation from the social sphere and the consequent collisions (temporal, material).

'momentschicht' (2018)

A collaborative performance with Britta Lieberknecht at Beton Box, Dusseldorf.

The performance evolved out of a three-day collaborative process at Britta's studio in Cologne, Germany.

In the final performance, I performed an anachronistic performance lecture introducing my 'scores' project, followed by a solo performance from Britta, culminating in a collaborative movement piece.