Assembly #2

An experimental workshop, looking at establishing new models for the teaching and learning of Action Art.


"Participating artists will be both teachers and students.

The group of artists will be international and diverse.

Decisions around how the group spends its time will be made by the group, by consensus.

No artist will have to pay to participate. "


Co-facilitated by myself and Alicia Radage, the workshop developed upon the previous year's iteration of Assembly, expanding in the number of artists and the scope of the project. Over the course of two weeks, the group of 7 international artists worked relentlessly, collectively and collaboratively improvising a structure for how the group would spend its time.

I was commissioned by Frieze to article on Performance/Action Art education, reflecting upon my experiences of Assembly. Read it here.


Participating artists:

Nika Lopez (ES)

Jade Blackstock (UK)

Ro Hardaker (UK)

Nicholas Tee (SG)

Leann Herlihy (IRL)

Jasper Llewellyn (UK)

Alicia Radage (UK)